Ingo Dierking
Photography is primarily the "Art of Seeing". An unusual angle of view, a special combination of colours, light and shadow, or  a scenery or situation which lies outside our everyday experience. I use a variety of photographic expressions, black&white, as well as colour, film and digital, small and medium format photography. I also experiment with other ways of taking pictures, like scanners, digital alienation, or unconventional lenses. And once in a while I combine photography with painting, resulting in something that may be called paintographs.
I am an academic in the Physics department of the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, and as such, I am also interested in the aesthetics of science. I work with liquid crystals, which in microscopic observation give rise to a fascinating world of colour and structure. Besides the obvious academic interest, I use microscopy to attract the interest of laymen with "Science meets Art" exhibitions. For the last fifteen years I have my work regularly exhibited in galleries and other venues in Germany, the Galerie am Ritterplatz, Bensheim, Weisser Turm, Darmstadt, Galerie am Markt, Bensheim, Damenbau Fürstenlager, Auerbach, Muddy's Club, Weinheim, Townhall Lautertal, Leica Microsystems, and the United Kingdom at Imperial War Museum North, Manchester, Stockport Art Gallery, Valle Crucis Abbey, Wales, and Manchester Cathedral.